Today I received an email from Polly Johnson. Polly was the person that won the bow ties we donated at Equality Prom 2017.

This was her message, “Finally got a chance to wear my beautiful bow tie!! I really love it Mr. Santana. Thank you again!”.

This message made my day for a couple of reasons. I love mentoring teens. I really think they are the future of our country. I felt that Polly and I, we had a very genuine conversation after she won her bow tie. I really feel that one day this person will make a big difference in the world. Don’t get me wrong, I am not predicting she will be the next president or next Bill Gates. I would not put that pressure on some one. What I am predicting that she will be member of society that will contribute back to the community. That makes me excited. I had a lot of people that were mentors that impacted my life. I think Polly Johnson will also be a mentor for some one down the road.

For the record Polly Johnson was the first female in to our Hall of Fame and you look amazing. It was a pleasure to meet you.


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