I had the great privilege to meet Jeff aka @Globetrottrvid  from New York city. We did the video bellow.

Meeting Jeff aka @Globetrottrvid :

He was a very nice person. The bad new is that he was sick. We still did the video and after the video we walk around the Kansas city Pride and I took pictures of Jeff and people he meet.

These are the pictures that were taken:

Our quick review of Kansas City Pride:

Kansas City Pride was fun. I was a great big party and the music a was amazing.

What I did learn from making the video:

I did learned a lot from the video that was made. First of all I needed to practice putting on bow tie to some one else. I have learn that I ties the bow tie as left hand person. When you ties the black bow tie it needs to be tied as a right hand person. To make a long story short. I have realized that I need to practice more. As a result I can now ties a bow tie in 1 minute now. I just needed to practice and I will be more ready next time.

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