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Hello, my name is Jorge Santana. I am the President of Gay Pride Bow Ties. I am a proud allied. Pride of Matters @Mattersofpride asked me to write article of why I am allied and how to encourage people to stand up and be an allied.

I am not going to explain what LGBTQIA or the meaning of the colors of the rainbow flag! That information can easily be found by a google search. That would be like going to class and would be boring.

I know that everyone is always busy, so before we start I would like to thank you for your time.

I can’t stand the word straight. I am a big fan of the word allied. I think is important to explain why? I don’t think that there is a correct way to be an allied. First of all I know everyone is welcome as long as you are sincere and open minded.

I have to talk little about myself. I thought that I knew a lot about the gay and lesbian community when I first had the idea of creating company called Gay Pride Bow Ties. It took 2 years to get the company up and running. The great thing about taking 2 years of creating the company, I was able to become more educated in LGBTQIA. I really like the product that we have and how we are trying to unify people instead of breaking them apart. I wear a bow tie almost every day with Rainbow. I am always reading and studding about LGBTQIA issues.  I am very educated and I can help family members, friend and people that I meet become for open minded about not being afraid of other people that are not like the norm. They are just people that need to be accepted. They are our sisters and brothers and THEY NEED YOUR HELP!

How do they need your help?

  • Did you know that in 28 states in the US, you can fire someone for just being LGBTQ?
  • Take a guess? What is the percentage of homeless kids are LGBTQ? The answer is 40% are LGBTQ. The 40% is higher than any other group.
  • What about suicide rate of teenagers? LGBTQ teenagers have the highest suicide rate.

Why do they have the highest suicide rate? They are bullied by other teenagers and not accepted by their parents.

I had this conversation with Uber driver from Los Angeles, California. We were talking about this statistic. He said Jorge, this is more to that static, let me explain. A lot of the time the parents have created such a homophobic environment in the house that their kids are so afraid to tell their parents about how they feel that they end up committing suicide; they are so afraid of the reaction. He has witnessed this event happen too many times.

Well my friends this is why I am passionate about being an allied. How can you be an allied?

  • First step is making a stand. That you are willing stand up verses Homophobia. Therefore, you will call yourself an allied!
  • Come celebrate Pride month! Every city has a pride event. Come and be part of the celebration. If you city does not have pride celebration. Please look up a city close to you and you’ll have a great reason to have a road trip.
  • Volunteer in your local LGBTQIA center. They always need help. Don’t think that you do not have anything to contribute. These organizations always have events and need volunteers. The simple fact that you are willing to ask in LBBTQIA center if they need help is a big step in making a difference.
  • I would strongly recommend watching the show When We Rise by producer Dusting Lance Black. Dustin did a great job giving you an opportunity to see a personal view, the struggles, issues and how to overcome barriers. My favorite part is when Gay and Lesbian community started to work together. That is why now more than ever it is important to unify with our brothers and sisters to make sure that theirights are not taken away!
  • There are the organizations and people that I follow, I’ve learned and become better educated. I strongly recommend to follow:
  • You could wear a bracelet stop bulling or one with pride colors. I have t-shirts that states allied for example You can purchase one of my bow ties Most of our sells are form allied that wanted to support or want to send a gift to uncle, aunt or friend. I have written a note for every bow tie delivered. I write notes on behalf of other people.

These are some of the ideas. By reading this information you know that you are allied now. On behalf of the LGBTQIA, I know, all the help is needed. Yes, you can make a difference. If you have any questions please send me an email or send me a twitter message at @gaypridebowties.

Thank you for your time

Jorge Santana

President of Gay Pride Bow Ties

(A proud member of the LGBTQIA)

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