For those of you who have never been to a gay rodeo: Here are 3 reasons to go;

3. Goat Dressing, also involves two partners, one who lifts up the goat’s hind legs while the other attempts to put a pair of underwear on the ‬goat. (I will do this event if Breana Knight. If she does not cancel. I will do this event with her next year! (It’s documented now.)

2. The Wild Drag, two partners team up (male and female dress and cowboys and male drag queen. This is no Hamburger Marie’s drag queen. This a cowboy drag queen) One controls the steer while the other, in “rough drag” (Heels are NOT recommended!) attempts to mount the steer and get over the line. This event is NOT recommended for beginners!

1. As Allied look back at the experience. The main reason to go is the people. They welcome everyone. At night they sang karaoke. Everyone comes (the cowgirls and cowboys that performed) they all come to party. It’s a great time. Here some examples Breana Knight ‪@AKewlBreeze ‬ (super star cowgirl and musician) is a down to earth person. Red Hodeo aka Herb Seamons is a performer that makes sure everyone is welcome. ‪@ShowMeRodeo ‬leader is Scott Harvey is a person that does not like to get credit but motivates everyone.

I am excited for next year because I will be able to go see my new friends. Come down to the Gay Rodeo and see it for yourself!

If you like to see videos form the Rodeo please click no this link:

‪For those of you who have never been to a gay rodeo: Here are 3 reasons to go;3. Goat Dressing, also involves two…

Posted by Gay Pride Bow Ties on Monday, September 11, 2017


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