This is the final summary for 2017 total donation for the year:

  • Aids Walk Kansas City $200
  • Center of inclusion $200
  • We donated a bow tie for last year’s prom $80.00
  • Ko-Falen Cultural Center we have sponsored 6 kids in Mali, Africa to go school for one year. Total amount donated is $360.
  • WPY*People of Puerto Rico $200
  • National PFLAG $40

Total donations to non-profits have being $1080.

We have also donated 3,000 bracelets that stated “Gay Pride Bow Ties and Help Stop Bullying.” We gave the bracelets at no cost. The total cost for donating the bracelets are $600.

Overall donations and bracelets donated amount to $1,680. We sold 150 bow ties. The average donated including non-profit organization and bracelets per bow ties sold were $11.20.

We just wanted to post what we sold and donated.
Thank you for everyone’s support.

Jorge Santana

President of Gay Pride Bow Ties

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