Today we are celebrating 1 year in been in business

We want to THANK ALL our customers for believing in us.

I would also like thank family members, friends for mentoring and unconditional support:

  • Georg Shapiro
  • Elizabeth Smith
  • Lori Santana
  • Joel Mutuku
  • Clint Herron
  • Tim Dummer
  • Aide Andreu
  • Robin Labelle
  • Taylor Burke
  • Tommy Geraci
  • Michael Lintecum
  • Candice and Bill Spurny
  • Ruthy Fisher
  • Thaddeus Sheehy
  • Michael Lintecum
  • Rick Wilson
  • @Mattersofpride
  • John Pfannes
  • Robert Lackie
  • Dee Ann Solórzano
  • Laura Khulusi
  • Catalina Bajenaru
  • Scott Sapperstein
  • Sergio Chavez
  • Jessica Santana

We are also greatful and proud to be part of Mid America GLCC. Their support is one reason we had a successful year.

We also attended National conferences PFLAG and Human Rights campaign. We look forward to attending National G3LCC conference in August. We hope to attend these conferences next year.

This is the final summary for April 22 2017 to April 22 2018  total donation for the year:

  • Aids Walk Kansas City $300
  • Center of inclusion $300
  • We donated a bow tie for last year’s prom $80.00
  • Ko-Falen Cultural Center we have sponsored 7 kids in Mali, Africa to go school for one year. Total amount donated is $420.
  • WPY*People of Puerto Rico $200
  • National PFLAG $40
  • Breast Cancer Resource Center of YWCA Princeton $100. We will help 3 women that have lost their hair due chemotherapy to receive a wig.
  • Pride Coloring Book Dr. Ron Hold $50

Total donations to non-profits have being $1410.

We have also donated 6,500 bracelets that stated “ and Help Stop Bullying.” We gave the bracelets at no cost. The total cost for donating the bracelets are $1,250.

Overall donations and bracelets donated amount to $2,660. We sold 200 bow ties. The average donated including non-profit organization and bracelets per bow ties sold were $13.30.

We just wanted to post what we sold and donated.
Thank you for everyone’s support.

Jorge Santana

President of Gay Pride Bow Ties


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