This is my revenue on the Show Queer Eye.

Why did I watch the show?

One of my friends was really excited that the Show Queer Eye is being recorded in Kansas City and recommended that I give a bow tie to all the members of the show.  I did not know about the show. I watched a couple of episodes and before you know it; I have watched season 1 and 2.

What I really like about the show?

The cast is called the “Fab Five” they are different men and each of them have a unique expertise. What impressed me the most was the ability to empower other people. How the Fab Five are not just wanting to make someone look prettier, but they are helping people to become better all-around people. Do they have fun? absolutely. What I appreciated the most is the honest emotion. They are willing to help people, but at the same time share some of the personal experiences. Most importantly as Gay Men they are serving the community.


This show will make you laugh, smile, cry and have deeper thoughts.

What shows made the most impact on me?  These are the shows that I would recommend the most by categories of Romantic, LGBTQ, Community Service and Best Transformation.

If you have not watch the show these are the show that we would recommend:

Most Romantic Shows:

Season 2 Show 2

A Decent Proposal: This was a very romantic proposal that can only happen with Fab 5 help.

Season 1 Show5:

This is about a Christian father, that gets an opportunity to learn how to take care of himself. This father always felt guilty for not providing a romantic reception for their wedding. With Fab 5 help was able to provide a redo wedding reception for this wife.

LGBTQ shows:  (these 3 shows are must watch)

Season 1 Show 4

To Gay or Not Too Gay:  This show is about gay man trying to find his way and wanting acceptance. The Fab 5 talked about how each of them came out and encouraged the gay black person to open up to his mother in law.

Season 2 Show 1

God Bless Gay:  Religions Women that is a parent to her gay son.  In the beginning I was mad because of not accepting the son as gay person. Parents are never going to be perfect, but they can always learn. The wonderful part was the mother’s transformation and how she became a supportive LGBTQ parent.

Season 2 Show 5

Sky’s the Limit: This show is about a Transgender person who is recovering from surgery. What I learned on his show the most was the importance of getting your sex change on a driver license. Thanks to this show I was able to become more educated, because a friend just had sex change in there driver license. I knew that was an amazing accomplishment. We had to celebrate this moment.

Community Service Shows:

Season 1 Show 3

Dega Don’t: The makeover is of police person. The dialog between Karamo and police person is something that needs to happen more in this country. I have to admit that I could not stop crying when the special gift was given at the end of the show.

Season 1 Show 8

Hose Before Bros: This show is about a makeover of a fire station. This was like the community service of the Fab 5.

Best makeover transformation:

Season 2 Show 4

They Handyman Can: This show is about transformation of man. How he looked at the beginning of the show. The transformation on how he cleaned up to become a very attractive man by the end of the show. The ending is very romantic as well.

Things that I would add to the show:

I wish the show was longer 1:30 hours.

It would be great to have a show with the funniest moments.

Have interview with question from the viewers.

Maybe have a show with the cut parts that did not make the show.

Have a show with director of Queer Eye and explain how they created this team

Closing thoughts:

It’s our natural instinct to stay within our own comfort group and with people that have the same interests as us. The group that is willing to serve everyone makes the biggest difference in the world. This is why it is admirable about the fab 5 as gay man wanting to serve everyone not just the LGBTQ. The Fab 5 are willing to show their past experiences. The Fab 5 genuinely want to make a difference in people’s lives, addressing the misconception that all Gay men are fashion experts. That gay people are all type of different personalities. People may be friends with someone that you may not know that they are gay.

The reward for the Fab Five has been that they are now seen as role models. This show is very important to continue the transformation of acceptance.

Our Bow Ties:

The fab 5 will be filming in Kansas City next season.  We would love to give each member of the show Bobby, Karamo, Tan, Antoni and Jonathan a bow tie.  This is because of how they are making a difference in our community. We think that fab 5 will appreciate the difference we are making in the community. How our mission statement is important because we want unify people. How we don’t use models and we ask our customers to send a picture of themselves. Upon receiving the picture, we will add the picture to Hall Fame part of the website. We encourage everyone to send a picture – we believe that everyone is beautiful. We love to add a picture of the Fab 5 on the Hall Fame part of the website.

Thank you for ready or blog about the Queer Eye show on Netflix.

Jorge Santana

President of Gay Pride Bow Ties


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