Dear customers,

We have always been honest and transparent; that is why we post all donations every 6 months. This blog is about why the black bow ties price has changed. Before we start: We are very proud that our first year in business we have sponsored 7 kids in Mali, Africa to go school for one year.

This is the yearly report for Ko-Falen Cultural Center.

Things change and the situation in Mali, Africa is now worse. The Public School systems are not being funded properly. Per Banoumou, head of Ko-Falen’s PTA, this was reported, “The education system in Mali now-a-days is a travesty. Teachers of public schools take time out of their day to do other businesses to feed their families and I don’t blame them; some of them have not been paid for 6 months. Without Ko-Falen, our kids will still have their heads–but all will be empty of classroom knowledge.”

As a result, the Ko-Falen organization has committed to sponsoring 30 students to attend private schools in Mali, Africa. Per the annual report, “ School Fee for 30 students annually ($120 each)   Ko-Falen continues to support and pay the school fees for the most underserved youth in our tutoring program.”

I had to come up with a plan of execution with these new changes. We surveyed some of our customers.  This is the outcome of the survey:

  • Our customers really liked our black bow tie.
  • The black bow tie is classy way to show support to the LGBTQ community.
  • Customers had no issue with raising the price of black bow ties by $5 dollars, as long as we continue to show transparency.

We have added these comments to our website and documentation when the black bow ties are delivered:

When we sell 12 bow ties, we will sponsor a child in Mali, Africa to go to school for 1 year. We will blog the total number of children we sponsor in one year. We will donate $10 per every bow tie sold.    

I was interviewed by GAYBC News that gave us the opportunity to talk about changes in Mali, Africa. Special Thanks to Brandon Carmody for interviewing me. (I start talking about Ko-Falen changes 9 minutes and 46 seconds in to the interview)

If anyone has any questions about these changes please contact me.

Jorge Santana



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