We would really like to thank National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce @NGLCC for giving us an opportunity to show our product to people that attended the National Conference.  This conference is very important to continue to advocate for support for the LGBTQ community.

The reality is that there are still 28 states in United States that can fire someone from the LGBTQ community without cause. LGBTQ has the highest suicide rate, more than anyone else because of being bullied and not being accepted by parents. The LGBTQ has the highest rate of homelessness as well.  Conferences like National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce @NGLCC advocate for corporations to be more accepting of diversity. When employees can be themselves they become more productive and creative.

When we were at the conference we sold 32 bow ties. We have donated $200 to Kansas City Aids Walk. (We donated more $10 per bow ties. This is $100 more than all the donations received). Kansas City Aids Walk have being amazing supporters of our organization. We also donated $120 to Kofalen organization. We sponsor one more kids to go school in Mali, Africa.

The overall feedback was that everyone really likes our product and loves wearing bow ties that give back to the community. Everyone that we met was amazing! We hope that next year we can attend Tampa National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.

Thank you for your time,

Jorge Santana


P.S. Only regret was not taking more pictures.

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