About Us

Striving To Empower The Community

Gay Pride Bow Ties connects you to others who share your interest in making a difference in this ever-changing world, because people who make a difference in the world are often unique themselves.

We believe in equality

Whether you are a member of the LGBTQI+ Community or a straight ally, you will often find there are compassionate people who care deeply among us all.

There are many who respect people for who they are, not who they wish everybody to be. By supporting non-profit LGBT+ organizations, we feel it encourages people to respect their differences and coexist, giving these organizations a chance to become stronger and more effective in achieving equality for us all.

A Message from the Founder

My name is Jorge Santana, President of Gay Pride Bow Ties.  Creating my own company is the most rewarding thing I have done. Finding my passion for bow ties was key, and I invite you share in my excitement for this product!

Thinking back, it all started three years ago on my wedding day when I tied my first bow tie. I have enjoyed wearing them ever since, and have since refused to wear a regular ties. In fact, I gave all my old ties away, and let the bow tie become my personal brand!

Why was this company created? Mark Cuban from Shark Tank once said, “If you a going to make a company, make sure that you find a need that people have.” That statement motivated me to pray for ideas and led me to research if anyone was providing quality bow ties to the LGBT community. What I found were companies that were purchasing bow ties at a low cost and reselling them at a much higher price. On those ties, the LGBT colors were not correct nor did they represent the flag. I then began my journey to find the Gay Pride Bow Ties domain, and purchased all the Gay Pride Bow Ties domains. I created a LLC, and applied for a registered trademark. One year later, with a half granted trademark, it was time to create the product.

We have a lot people to thank for helping start this company. We discovered all these other factors involved, such as, creating labels, custom boxes for the product, ribbons for the box product, consulting with lawyers to complete the registered trademark, table covers for trade shows, bags to deliver the product, e-commerce, website design and music, and the shipping carrier. Wow!

We are not afraid to be different. As you know, when someone visits our website, the first thing that appears is our mission statement. We want to unify people. We want everyone to see it does not matter if you are Lesbian, Gay, Transgender, Intersex, Allies, or whatever religious affiliation; it is important to know we need to coexist and respect each other.

This is why we will donate $5.00 for every bow tie sold. We want to unify people and make a difference in the world.


Empowering the LGBT+ community with quality Bow Ties

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